Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Zero Whining Zone

Have we fallen into a rut? And I mean "we" as in both parties plus the new President. It seems as though--Don't blame me, I inherited this mess, the Republicans caused our problems--is the answer to nearly every question put to the new President. He just can't get out of campaign mode.

As for Dems, the undercurrent seems to be the "We won, so get over it" mantra. It seems we're in a propaganda war where the "if we repeat it often enough they'll believe it" reigns supreme.

And Republicans realize how ineffective they are and will be for the forseeable future with the likes of the girls from Maine and the RINO from Pennsylvania.

Since these people are the visible representatives of those of us who voted Republican they had better give us something positive to work on instead of a comstant complaint machine.

Our local Issues Chair has it right: we need to develop our message to demonstrate the real differences between the parties.

See ya.........

Back in the day we used to say "quichurbellyakin'"

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