Friday, February 6, 2009

Sarcasm, then Ridicule, then the Race Card

Can't you just see this coming? He thinks nobody understands but him. So, instead of being polite about it, he just calls anyone who disagrees with him stupid. When he says that the meaning of spending is stimulous or vice versa he picks up on one of the non-pork things in the bill to draw an analogy. A Green car will mean jobs. But as with Jennifer Granholm in Michigan, for every new coal plant that is stopped in its tracks the utility will have to buy electricity from neighboring states who get it from? you got it! Coal fired plants.

He just has to stick in the knife and twist it. Instead of presenting a case in a calm and logical sequence he goes out on the campaign trail and pokes fun at the opposition (of course, getting to play with Air Force I, his newest toy is a fringe benefit) so he gets double the pleasure. Shouldn't he be paying back the costs of using the President's airplane when it's being used for political campaigning whether it be in Williamsburg, Elkhart or Tampa?

We may not see it this time because apparently the bill is a done deal, but if it looks like the mark-up between the House and Senate gets a little sticky his next step is to accuse those who disagree with him of being racist. Naturally, he won't use the word himself, he'll send out his messengers to make the case.

Wonder what they'll call Obama--they used "Teflon" to describe Reagan so they'll have to come up with something new. Haven't been paying enough attention. Has NASA come up with something that will fill the bill?

Wonder also how many "isms" we will go through in the next 4 years. Nationalism, socialism, communism, fascism........

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Anonymous said...

Lola - I don't know about racism charges, that sounds like Rush, but I do believe that you are correct that we are heading full steam ahead into the world of collectivism Ah, the ism's: nationalism, facsism, etc, call it what you may. It hasn't been freedom for a long time, but the pace is continuing to accelerate...

Walt Bolthouse