Saturday, February 7, 2009

How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

You can call it horse trading, you can call it bait and switch but by any other name, it's just a plain, old scam!

Put out a plan, fill it with all the goodies you can think of, and then run it past the "Big House" where thre's no chance of any non or bi partisanship. Then ship it over to where they pretend to listen to the opposition while they were tinkering with the edges which they know they can fund with earmarks any time they want to or even let the Prez take care of it through an Executive Order. At this point it is back where it was when they started and poor old Moderate Republicans are laboring under the delusion they have accomplished something. (Two liberal women from Maine and the ghost, or Specter if you will, coming to haunt us. With friends like these who needs enemies?)

Did it ever occur to anyone to give legislators a test to enter politics?

And in view of having talked about the abortion problem and how the Bishops and clergy came up short before the election, this weekend we are being treated in our Diocese to a piece of information about the Freedom of Choice Act as thought this is the first time they ever heard of it. Give us a break.

God bless--we need all the help we can get.

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Anonymous said...

Multi-trillion dollar deficits - outright DISASTER is at hand - watch what happens to the economy when the US dollar collapses! We must have immediate and substantial cuts in federal spending soon or our worst nightmares will come true

Walt Bolthouse