Friday, February 20, 2009

Republican State Convention

One of the speakers this evening opined that when Jennifer Granholm went to Washington to be on the advisory board to the President that her job would be to tell him when he asked "Did you try that in Michigan?" Yes or No. If the answer were "yes" he would instruct his team to take it out of the plan.

Apparently that did not happen. It is obvious that when he asked "Did you try that in Michigan?" and the answer were "no" he instructed his team to be sure to include it in the plan. Nobody laughed.

Haley Barbour, Governor of Mississippi, told us how he inherited a deficit of over $720,000,000 which amounted to 20% over. He didn't balance the budget in one year, but he did balance it the second year and HE DID NOT RAISE TAXES! And, he actually spent more money on education and the system moved up in the rankings. Education wasn't the only area where increased spending resulted in improvements in service or efficiencies anad when hurricane Katrina arrived, he had mandated evacuation 24 hours before the storm hit undoubtedly saving lives unlike neighboring Louisiana.

We have an abundance of good candidates and enthusiasm to get started to do the job we know we can do for the 2010 cycle. Those of us in the 19th Senate District, however, can only hope that the Governor will give us an opportunity to be represented in the State Senate. I heard that some folks are ready for a TeaBag Demonstration similar to the Boston Tea Party to protest her inaction.

God bless......

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