Thursday, February 26, 2009

From the Home of a Chattering Class Member--

We in the chattering class, according to Chuck Schumer, really don't care about the little pieces of pork amounting to billions. That's chump change, right? Is there no one in New York who minds being called names by his Senator or are they all so elitist that they look down on us as well?

For six years beginning in 1998 I served 3 two year terms as 5th Vice Chair for the Michigan Republican Party and had developed a brochure which showed the national debt as a part of the picture. Pulled one out earlier and in 1998 the debt stood at $5.5 trillion, by 2000 it had risen to $5.71 trillion and in May of 2001 it was $5.651 trillion. It was also noted that in 2000 thre were $7 trillion in unfunded liabilities off budget which increased to $9 trillion by May of 2001. Make of this what you will, but remember that the unfunded amount includes Social Security and that continues growing no matter what else is going on. Add to this the stimulus, omnibus and whatever other names will be given to give away welfare programs and then will someone please tell me how raising taxes on the "rich" will be able to pay this down? Not gonna happen.

Today Obama said our growth would be in the over 5 1/2% range by 2011 and over 6% in 2012. At the risk of repeating myself--remember when I told you youngsters that one of the major causes of the recession of the 80s had to do with spending so many nonproductive dollars on EPA and OSHA regulations? Well, does anyone else see the parallel between that scenario and the greening of America?

I can only speak for myself but how can anyone expect the economy to grow when our disposable income is going to be used up paying for the increased energy costs? Sounds to me like more of the same old, same old. And frankly, as far as I'm concerned if it looks like a tax and acts like a tax, it's a tax. That means that each one of us who drives a car or heats and cools a home is being taxed and we certainly are not rich!!!

God bless.......

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