Saturday, February 21, 2009

Word to the Wise or a WARNING

Either way, if you either own a Volkswagen with a diesel engine or know someone who does please relay this information.

Shortly after reading an article in the Wall Street Journal about being able to expect 300,000 miles as a reasonable goal and giving comparisons on mpg, etc. my son, who owns one, called with a totally different story.

He changed the timing belt at 84,000 miles (the manual recommended 90,000 miles) and when he had 88,000 miles on that one and was about to replace it, it broke. It didn't cost just the timing belt. There were other collateral damages from the episode resulting in a $7500 repair bill. And neither the dealer nor the company would offer any assistance saying in effect that the recommendation was not a warranty.

This was the first car, even though made in the USA, that was not an "American" car that he had ever owned. Needless to say, he is now driving a Chevy Impala and his wife just replaced her vehicle (a Jeep SUV) with a Mercury Milan.

We'll get back to the political scene tomorrow, but wanted to share the warning with you while it was still a fresh memory.

Sleep well........

PS-I mentioned a TeaBag Demonstration last night. Apparently it will not be necessary, even though we are still not represented in the State Senate, since the Governor has set the primary for August 4 and the general for November 3. That should give them time to get a more credible candidate than Marty Griffin, but it will also give us plenty of time to point to the records of Granholm and Obama as we work to put Republican Mike Nofs in that seat.

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