Thursday, February 5, 2009


Should it be the politics OF or the politics AND abortion? In my opinion there are two areas of politics when speaking of abortion.

First, the politics played with the lives of the unborn by Bishops and the clergy in all churches, not just Catholic. The liberal vs the conservative would have us believe that any number of social issues may be, or are, as important as the basic right to life. Without life there can be no other issue. We have clergymen/women of all stripes on both sides of the issue but is it a basic premise or doctrine of the sect or a personal opinion? And are these people spiritual leaders or are they spiritual counselors? If spiritual leaders they get an "F."

The Catholic Church holds that life begins at conception and ends at natural death. And again, in my opinion, that is a black and white issue. The clergy in some instances are not doing their jobs as leaders or educators. And who are they afraid of offending? Men? Women? The poor? The rich? Take your pick, I wouldn't presume to read their minds. But I do presume to say that they are sending at best, mixed messages and this is not acceptable.

As far as politicians themselves, I last counted the Catholic Senators 2 years ago and came up with: Out of 19 Catholic Senators, 18 were pro abortion Democrats and one pro abortion Republican. Again, I don't presume to read their hearts or minds, but I do read the message they send. They are being hypocritical if they purport to adhere to the church teaching but vote in favor of abortion every time and they are being even more so the more well known and how high their office is. Witness: Biden, Kennedy, Daschle, Durbin, Kerry, Harkin, Dodd, Landrieu, Leahy, Menendez, McCaskill, Mikulski, Murray, Reed, Salazar, Voinavich plus all the Representatives.
What kind of example do they set for children, young adults and frankly, anyone of their faith who then consider it is OK to belong to a church which will tolerate members who thumb their noses at core beliefs?

So I see permissive clergy and disrespectful "members" who are disdainful of the church and her teachings not knowing or caring what kind of damage they might be doing to unformed minds and consciences.

Comment: Shouldn't excommunication be equal to the church just accepting the resignation of those who publicly disregard her precepts? It seems that the church or whatever body with which a member disagrees shouldn't have to dismiss that person, they could just accept it. Just a thought.......

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I assume then that you would be a strong supporter of Ron Paul's HR539 "We The People" act which takes away jurisdiction on the abortion issue from the federal government and gives it back to the states which is the way it was before RowVWade. This is a practicle and direct approach to dealing with activist judges who legislate from the bench!

Walt Bolthouse