Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Half Mad Half the Time

Or maybe it's more like the Chinese water torture (that's a constant dripping sound for those of you too young to remember.)

Explain myself? Okay. It just seems like every day can go merrily along for a couple of hours talking to friends or co-workers, getting the job done and then along comes a news alert or a bit of gossip which puts a damper on the whole day.

Picked up an article today describing a high tech, 1.8 billion dollar "clean coal" high tech power plant in, guess where? Illinois -- now who lives there? Rahm Emmanuel, Dick Durbin and oh, yes, Barak Obama. Not to mention Blagoyavich.

Remember I told you that Congressman Schauer, 7th dist. Michigan, said unequivocally that there are no earmarks in the stimulus bill? No pork. No way, no how. He spoke rather heatedly that we were totally misinterpreting anything that could be defined as earmarks, WHICH ARE NOT IN THIS BILL! Well, the small town of Matoon has been admittedly working hard on a project that interestingly enough is the only one that qualifies for the $1 billion "fossil energy research" category mentioned in the bill. It's not a 100% "done deal" because they had to parse the language to get it through the compromise but being able to employ 3000 workers and start within 3 months would make it look very promising.

And have you seen the lists of projects which have been hurriedly cobbled together by every community in the country? It'll take months to even look at them, but then who reads "that stuff" anyhow?

If it's true that optimistic people live longer perhaps someone should be looking at the death rates from Election Day 2008 until some predetermined point in the future and posit that the Obama administration is not good for your health. All this gloom and doom plus the constancy of bad news and bad faith can't be good for us, right?

Think about what education projects you've heard about and tomorrow I'll share one superintendent's experience/opinion.

See ya.........

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