Thursday, February 12, 2009

Census Problems--Where Do We Go From Here?

Sen. Gregg backing away from Commerce should tell us that the problem is the very next thing to insurmountable and undoubtedly we will end up in court on this. Perhaps it's a good thing and should happen before the count begins rather than after the damage is done. Apparently Gregg is a pragmatist and realizes that on the inside and bound to the Democrat line one man could not fight this fight by himself. I think we owe him one.

A couple of weeks ago I admitted to being scared. Maybe I was just succumbing to the fact that unlike FDR who said all we had to fear was fear itself, Obama is trying to scare us to death by talking it to death and exaggerating all the problems as often as he has a chance. By the time we are all quaking in our boots he'll figure he has license to do anything he wants.

This was further demonstrated this evening when my phone rang with a disembodied voice telling me if I stayed on the line I could take part in a conference call with my Congressman. Long story short, the callers with questions were addressed by name and those "questions" were easily answered by some of the rote propaganda we hear every day from Gibbs or someone else. Interspersed were questions from him giving "choices" from answers which served his liberal purposes only. Can't wait to see his reported "survey" results.

One topic we haven't addressed during the past few days is that of the families of the victims of the bombing of the USS Cole. It is just shameful to use them in such a blatantly political way. Makes one long for the empathy Bush used to show when he prayed with them or shed tears with them.

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