Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Air Force I Costs over $50,000 per Hour

So how much of the costs of going to Williamsburg, Elkhart, Tampa and other destinations which are blatantly political/campaign trips will he be paying back to the people about whom he cares so much? He is selling a product for which he can't even give an implied warranty let alone a guarantee for X number of months or a lifetime. (The Republicans had a retreat and he didn't go to greet them.)

I could be the least informed person on the planet, but I just don't remember that any other administration had a daily press briefing. They should call it the Gibbs Report or some such, but too bad--they can't depend on the start time so how can they market it? His definition of truth is "as he sees it." WOW!

A friend just asked me why there is no holiday on January 31. You know, the one that should be called George Bush/Free Iraq Day. She also wondered whether our numbers would increase or decrease if we had purple fingers for the rest of the day here.

The latest History Channel show on Gangland activities centered in Los Angeles and used the statistic of 160,000 members of gangs between Highland Park and Eagle Rock in that neighborhood. We've touched on it before and it seems a couple of cable news shows have recognized the problem but we haven't seen anything advertised on the major networks. What does it take to get them concerned about a problem?

Apparently Robert Redford doesn't like folks even thinking about drilling for oil and persuaded the proper departments to withdraw 77 drilling permits in Utah. That should really help our energy independence. (Every time I think about that topic I think of Jennifer Granholm's idea of everyone in Michigan having their own windmill. Can't you just see it? Along with those satellite dishes we'll have blades churning the air in every neighborhood.)

That's enough for tonite. God bless........

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