Monday, February 2, 2009


Deja vu all over again? Don't those "mistakes were made" or "I apologize" refrains remind you of the Clinton years? I guess if they think the American public is gullible or stupid enough to keep on voting Democrat they won't have to change a thing.

Will we never learn?

Tell me, how rich do you have to be to think that for 3 years running a "friend" would give you an $80,000+ gift? Is it like going out to dinner and letting the other guy pay the check and saying "I'll get the tip" which might be the reason he paid $9,000 for healthcare coverage for the driver?

I can only hope that someone with a staff and who keeps track of politicians for a living is keeping score for us. One of these days I want to see the stats on the rate of crooks in government through the Clinton years and projected to see how much more we can expect through the Obama years.

The other thing bugging me today is that I'm getting so tired of hearing them talk all the time. Do you suppose they figure that since rhetoric is their strong suit that if they talk long enough we will finally get bored, tune them out and just let them have at it? We don't care any more, we just want it finished?

Well, we may have an off day now and then, but I'm hoping everyone is getting a balanced diet and plenty of sleep so we stay healthy and hold their feet to the fire. We just can't take this lying down. Remember, was it Seinfeld who opened the window and yelled "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore?" Perhaps one of these days that will be enough of the American public to foster not a change, but a house cleaning.

See ya.......

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Lawmakers don't need to obey the laws. They make them. Isn't that like automatic impunity or something?

I mean, Chris Dodd and Barack Obama get sweat heart deals on real estate and there's no problem. Tommy boy is the second cat here with serious tax issues who gets a cabinet post.

The moral of the story? Cheat the system and get ahead.