Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is it Paranoia?

You know. The age old question: is it paranoia if someone really hates you and is out to get you?

After the big drop in the market earlier in the week, as the Prez was announcing how he was saving the world, the investors spoke: we don't believe you. And that's when I started wondering again if this had been the plan all along.

From the day that Michelle said she had never been proud of this country until her husband was nominated and we couldn't get information on Barak's college days and other parts of his background this nagging thought kept poking at me. What is going on here and who is pulling his strings and who does he owe the most favors to?

This is all generalities, of course, but as the self-anointed average mom of average kids married to an average man I see us as a target of the elites to be destroyed on the road to socialism Even NEWSWEEK, for Pete's sake, took its head out of the sand! So the government is going to "change" the order of things for our own good. Remember when Clinton ended "welfare as we know it?" Well, the stimulus bill is more like your grandma's welfare than it is like FDR's public works projects.

So please don't be appreciative of the really, really wealthy liberal elites who can afford to take a 40-50% hit on their holdings acting like sugar daddys. It's more of the plantation mentality that most of the country, black and white, need to be taken care of because the elites know better than we do what is good for us and how we need to live.

Just an aside, I got that picture about 20 years ago when I met James Meredith, the guy who broke the color barrier at Old Miss. His take then was that the blacks had just substituted Democrats for plantation owners. I've never forgotten it and in my opinion, the theory hasn't needed to be tested because it is so obviously true. (Many of my black friends don't fit the mold, but you know what I mean.)

God bless--

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