Friday, February 27, 2009

Eureka! Found the Most Apt Label: THE USER!!

Barak Obama is a User. He uses people. Something like the Pied Piper, but more like a hypnotist with post-hypnotic suggestion. After his audience listens in rapt attention, they leave the venue and go out to spread the good news to all the world. (And where did we first hear that?) This morning he used the military for whom he has little or no respect or he wouldn't have lied to them.

First he stroked them by listing all the ways they have helped the people in Iraq to accomplish rebuilding their country, rebuilding their government, rebuilding their education system and on and on. He talked about what the military and their families had to sacrifice and give up to accomplish these lofty goals. But nowhere on that list did he mention that American lives helped pay for these accomplishments.

Not until the end of the speech did he mention lives sacrificed and then in the most political way. Two Marines by name fell from his lips. He said that roads and bridges would be named for many of our fallen heroes. In my estimation, in that venue, this was close to sacrilege. Those men and women in his audience did not need to be told that two young men had made the supreme sacrifice--they have already seen it happen over and over again. It was so much like the speeches made by every President since Ronald Reagan where during the State of the Nation there were men and women in the audience to whom the Prez could point and everyone would get that warm and fuzzy feeling which they need to have for a little while to prove the politician is a good person who "feels" our pain.

He also said we should have a G I Bill so that military folks can go to college and get a leg up. Big applause line (next to a raise in wages.) What??? What's so special about that? Didn't he just finish promising a college educdation to every kid in America? For free? And in some cases all they would have to do is give some kind of public service. Duh! What the heck does he call military service? I call it the ULTIMATE in public service.

Every day I am faced with looking at and listening to a man who has never done anything but eat at the public trough and now wants to foster a system where it is nearly impossible for anyone to become successful in business through entrepreneurship. What is good for the goose???

I'm reminded of the folks in the Old Testament who told God they wanted to have a king like the rest of the tribes. God tried to talk them out of it, but they insisted and as I recall they became slaves, etc., etc. Is this the path we're on?

God bless..........

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