Sunday, February 1, 2009

One of Life's Lessons

Happened to catch a homily this morning from a Deacon friend of mine which was really quite profound.

He started off by telling a story of a friend of his who was standing in the pulpit about to start his homily when he noticed a man sitting close to the front who proceeded to cross his arms, slide down a little and drop his head before falling asleep. His thought? That he wondered who was giving the more effective message that morning. He or the guy who slept through it.

Perhaps that is something we should think about. Everything we do or say is probably witnessed by someone and we tend to forget that we give messages about who we are, what we think and what is important to us by the way we act 24/7.

All of the politics which as a conservative I believe can destroy this country is making me short tempered. And the folks who are in economic distress are also unduly influenced by circumstances over which they have no control and which must make them more than a little short tempered. I guess what I'm trying to say is that we should all show as much empathy as we can while still maintaining the strength and stamina to witness about what is truly important in our government.

We need to be aware of the evils that exist and continue fighting against them, but without bitterness and rancor for the guy next door who thinks Obama is going to save him so overlooks an administration full of crooks.

Just mull this around a little and figure that although we're not in the diplomatic corps for a reason, we can continue to make our points with a little irony here and there rather than full blown sarcasm and the ridicule we sometimes hear from 1600 Pennsylvania.

God bless.......

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Great post, Lola. Thanks for this.