Sunday, February 22, 2009

Everyone Has a Better Idea

How do Republicans get back on the winning track?

You will get as many different opinions as the number of people you ask. You especially get the "I told you so" and "we should have done----" from those who perhaps have written a few checks to a candidate, but have performed no service to the party recently. The worst of these are generally family members who screw up family reunions or get togethers. I am here to tell you, however, that there are reasons to be hopeful.

Hearing the remarks of the new Michigan Party Chair, Ron Weiser, Saturday gives hope that he is willing to listen to what anyone has to offer and that his dedication will be complete.

But best of all is that when I arrived home after slogging through the snow between Lansing and Jackson my husband, who is at a golf weekend with his brothers and as many of our children as can make it in S. Carolina, called. He told me that after dinner Friday evening he and our two sons, one daughter and wives and husband split from the group and started talking about--you guess it--politics.

After a lifetime of exposing them to this you never know how kids will react. Will they be so sick of it that they avoid it at all costs? Will they just tolerate it? Or have they picked up a lot of what we threw down and been waiting for just the right time to go into action?

Picture this: One son had actually done some homework and the others agreed that in order to win, the Republicans would have to have that 270 (approx) count electoral college vote. But how to get there. Their theory: the base is Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and North and South Dakota for a total of 104. Chairman Steele has to recognize that without these states it can't be done, so they'd better be given recognition and influence. These kids are spread around and live or have lived in Michigan, Texas, South Carolina and Georgia.

From my point of view it's a great place to start and today is the first day of the campaign to elect a Republican State Senator in the 19th district. Then we take them on one at a time. I'll keep you posted.

God bless..........

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