Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Late Nite Notes on Debate

Prioritize energy, healthcare and education. Looked at my husband before they answered and opined that we have more than enough brain power in this country to be able to multitask on this. McCain thinks so, but Obama figures we should finish one before we would be able to start on the second, etc. On a personal level, can't we all find ways and then carry through on using less energy while at the same time do a little study and get quotes or investigate different approaches to health care and find time to go to a PTA meeting or citizens group once or twice a month to work on education? I guess Obama doesn't have much faith in the abilities of any and all of us.

I'm sure I heard him say "a lot of you here remember 9-11." If there was one person in that arena who didn't remember 9-11, he had to be in a coma. Why does he talk like that?

After setting energy as his #1 priority, Obama later said that Social Security and Medicare had to be taken care of quickly. Did he just switch?

Obama said something about using computer development by the government as an analogy in discussing the 5 million jobs which will open up when the government comes up with all the new economic answers to problems and then turn things over to the private sector. Wonder where this is on his priority list.

And one more thing before I doze off at the keyboard. Even if Obama gives Iraq/Saddam Hussein a pass because of "faulty" intelligence and considers that we invaded that innocent country for no reason, he is either not aware, in denial or forgot that Hussein rewarded the families of suicide bombers with $25,000. That in and of itself would be enough for me to want to go after him and his cohorts. (Not to mention the mass grave holding 350,000 of his own citizens and the smaller ones found later on.)


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jenanddane said...

Just one of the many things that bugs me about "O" is they way he uses the royal "we" when he just means "me." Does this make him feel important - looking down on the little people that he will someday rule?

McCain says, "I thank you for your service." - very personal, real, and honest. Barry says, "We thank you for your service." - who is he speaking for? It's very disingenuous, fake and it eliminates personal responsibility. "We" made mistakes in the past vs. "I" made mistakes in the past.

I just don't get the appeal of this guy.