Monday, October 6, 2008

Letter to the Editor

I sent the following to our local paper today. Feel free to use it--them Dems are all alike, right?

"Mark Schauer could write a book on 'How to Kill Michigan.' Start with drivers' licenses for illegals, the largest tax increase in Michigan history, support racial preferences without any kind of accountability to help kids in failing schools. Don't forget to raise income taxes, add surcharges on existing taxes and restrict drilling for oil or gas in Michigan by levying a tax on the gross so high that no one can afford to take the risk. Last, don't even think about making English our official language. Let's keep him from experimenting on how to kill the rest of the country."

Item from a daughter-in-law: (There was a big piece of pork for ACORN in the first bailout bill--not sure where it is now.)

Go to:

The chart is good but be sure to click on the BIG ACORN. Before you've had enough and leave, click on the little> enter site at the top right of the page. Then click on the acorn with VU in the center for a montage of video all related to Obama's lies to ACORN/Voter Fraud.

Thanks, Jen. Be back tomorrow

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