Thursday, October 9, 2008

First Things First

Didn't talk to you yesterday since it was necessary to do some research into non-partisan races. Some here in Jackson are not identified according to party so if we don't know them personally or have a source to find out it is like flying blind.

Many people consider me that source so yesterday I had to spend some time getting in touch with some of the candidates, having a conversation large enough in scope to be able to tell those who care what their philosophy, attitude and if they care to tell me, their political persuasion.

This leads me to make a suggestion: Some folks will vote for a name they may have heard in the past, or not vote at all in that race if they don't know their positions. So, please, take the time to call that person and ask some pertinent questions. Most are listed since that is usually the case when one wants to serve the public. Unlisted numbers are a no-no.

Be back later today.

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