Thursday, August 11, 2011

U. S. Department of Injustice?

Eric Holder has a lot to be accountable for starting with the folks who were intimidated by Black Panthers on the steps of the building where they were supposed to vote in Philadelphia. And it went down hill from there.

We had the attempt to move the "residents" of the Country Club in Cuba aka Guantanamo to New York, Illinois or someplace in the contiguous United States where great numbers of American citizens would be manipulated, disrespected and made to dance around while their rights were being trampled on.

Every now and then we are treated to another of these attempts to change our system of justice by Mr. Holder and his minions.

This time, however, it is totally obvious that the so-called attorneys in the Justice Dept. have gone bonkers. We all know how serious the so-called gun running sting on the southern border resulted in guns landing in the hands of the drug cartels with many lives lost. Lives lost as a direct result of our government employees putting guns in the hands of violent thugs.

One of those casualties was a young man living in Arizona. His parents would like to be in the court room and make a statement to the judge as is usually a right that is recognized by the judicial branch and also usually, supported by the U. S. Prosecutors. Not so this time. Even though this particular Prosecutor had spoken earlier about the need to bring justice, it was learned today that he has quashed a motion to allow the parents to make a statement. Apparently he now believes the crime is "against society" and an individual cannot be identified. What???

There ca be no doubt that this is one of the most obvious examples of CYA ever. The Prosecutor in the case was a participant in the sting and now he is a participant in the cover up. Shame on him and the rest of those guys right up to the very top.

Governor Perry really has it right. Prayer is totally necessary at this time. We are on a sinking ship and the Almighty may be the only way to save our country.

God bless...

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