Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Please access the Midland based Mackinac Center website to get the latest and best information on:

Ann Arbor is considering issuing fines for cars that idle too long. I kid you not! Check it out!

Evergreen Solar has gone bankrupt because there are just too many start up businesses in competition. Undoubtedly all with stimulus money from the government.

MEA members who may want to withdraw from the union may only do so during the month of August. Depending on your newspaper or radio talk show, this is the time to get a notice out. Let teachers know they can give themselves a raise in conjunction with making their own political contributions.

Also, many more communities are deciding to hire private firms to do some of the jobs that were union jobs and saving along the lines of $400,000 a year. Not bad.

These and other stories are to be found in detail at the above address. Take advantage of it--they publish this once a month plus many other items of interest.

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