Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More on Soros-

Now that we know how Soros is circumventing the new rules on hedge funds by making it a family affair, my eyes perked up when I saw the following in "The Progressive Farmer." If I haven't mentioned it before, friend husband grew up on a farm and as they say, you can take the boy off the farm but you can't take the farm from the boy. He still eats it up and shared the following:

"Big Money has long played a hand in commodity markets, but a new breed of global investors have their eyes on ag. They hope to strike gold by not simply buying future contracts, but by investing directly in the world's frontier farmland....." (There has been a huge investment of billions of dollars in the last five years to develop South American farms. Increased production will only come from tilling more land. New technology alone cannot increase yields fast enough.) "...Wall Street analysts believe the real estate drives will relaunch once Brazilians clarify the law, perhaps within the next few months."

"In January, Adecoagro, a South American farming venture backed by billionaire George Soros, raised $42.3 million in its initial public offering. The Argentine based firm already owns 320,000 acres in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay and is carving out a niche as a sugar cane processor and real estate developer."

So add that to the $2 billion loan received from President Obama for his oil interests in Brazil plus making it easy for the Brazilians to market their oil and use the rigs that Americans can't because of the difficulty in getting permits for gulf drilling and we have another recipe for lower gdp and employment rates in our country.

God bless our out of work people...

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