Monday, August 22, 2011

Clean Up Headlines

#1 - It seems those who have watched Wisconsin recalls are comfortable with the Republicans having maintained control. Just a word to the wise: Apparently one of the Republicans, Repr. Schultz, is very soft and may be leaning toward working with Democrats. Bears watching.

#2 - Japanese survivors are in the process of memorializing a WWII Internment Camp in Wyoming. There were several others on the West coast and in Alaska. Wonder if they are also being remembered. Plus it makes me wonder if there is any recognition of the many POW camps in China and Japan used to "house" Americans.

@3 - Our State Dept. and administration appear to be ignoring the quashing of the Honduran press by the newest dictator. No press, make no mistake, indicates the relationship with Venezuela and Hugo Chavez is pretty much a done deal. Shouldn't we be just a tad bit outraged?

#4 - EPA again jumped the gun and banned the use of BPA (can't possibly spell it.) After finding out there was no danger in its use, it was also found out that at least one company has gone bankrupt due to the regulations thrust upon them. Our government at work.

#5 - The Tea Party seems to be taking it on the chin by liberals led by Maxine Waters. Last week it was mentioned that the Tea Party is reminiscent of the old Silent Majority waking up. The only difference as I see it is that the Tea Party is extremely active and I fear only one thing. I am reminded of the "rather be right than President" groups through the years and if they decide to run Ron Paul or one of their favorites as a Third Party, they will split the vote guaranteeing another four years of Obama.

Warning: Regulations put forth by unelected agencies and Executive Orders may truly be our worst nightmare.

The people who have been sending suggestions to pray at 9:00 pm (or I'm thinking any other time) have it right. Like chicken soup, couldn't hurt, might help, right?

God bless...

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