Saturday, August 6, 2011

Deja Vu and It's No Joke-

Back when Bill Clinton was elected I was a lot less cynical and truly felt that he couldn't do too much damage in one term and that we could be rid of him after four years, but he was just smart enough to take advantage of the situation.

When we swept into control on the Contract for America and put into place the policies which were good for the country he stood back and let it happen and then took credit for the whole thing. And the rest is history. (His personal problems didn't do anything except cost those who supported him their own self respect and tons of money if they had to hire lawyers when subpoenaed by the grand jury. Water under the bridge.)

This time, however, it's a different story. Obamacare is in place (Hillary just couldn't make it with her socialized medicine plan even with the AARP backing her) until 2013 but that's not a done deal either. And the damage done to our economy including the job picture and the stock market is really heart breaking.

The kicker is that when I said a couple of days ago that this would cost us money, I really didn't anticipate S&P's action which makes for a real problem. From my 80 year old vantage point may I say that if you have any variable interest rate loans tomorrow is the time to try to get them fixed.

Gov. Rick Perry has it right. At this point in time, and he was thinking about this many months ago as was I, that prayer may be one of the best weapons we have. There is a message going around the internet asking that those who believe should take out a minute or so at 9:00 Eastern every night to offer prayer as Churchill convinced many to do during WWII. Please consider joining in.

Good luck on your financial situations and God bless...

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