Sunday, August 21, 2011

Headlines for your Attention

#1 - Union target: FoMoCo - The union is leaving those of us who were stung by the GM failure to honor commitments due to government interference and enriched unions at GM while Chrysler was being sold down the river to Fiat.

I took delivery of a Ford May 31, but I can tell you this: if Ford caves to the union, it will be my last "American" car. Any foreign car made in the USA by non-union labor will be my next ride.

#2 - Millionaires are Disappearing - There are 13% fewer workers who earned more than $200,000 now than in 2007; 39% fewer than there were in 2007 earning $1 million and above; 55% fewer earning $10 million and above in the same time frame. The recession was the cause of the decline.

Wouldn't it seem that rather than have the remaining wealthy folks pay more taxes that the business climate be improved so more people would become millionaires and pay more taxes?

#3 - Exxon Works for Years on New Oil Field - After putting in huge amounts of money for over 10 years they are bumping up to the end of the contracted time. Now the government wants to deny them an extension so they can sell the same field again. So they have to go to court.

Government-what a way to run a business!

#4 - Farmer Attempts Conversation with President on His "Listening Tour"

Poor guy in Illinois asked the President to please not enforce the regulations being talked about which would have the government coming out into the countryside to measure how much dust is in the air, particularly that which might fall on some endangered flowers in Colorado. Farmers who live on dirt roads would be fined for raising dust on more than 21 days a year. The same for working in the fields with plows, discs. combines, etc., etc.

Obama's answer: "if something hasn't happened, don't always believe what you hear." Wouldn't that have been a great time to learn something?

Time to lean back and look forward to a lazy Sunday-
God bless...

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