Thursday, August 11, 2011

Something to Think About--

Heard a fellow from Britain today giving an opinion on why the riots in London which he followed by giving his opinion that the reason for much of the unrest in the world is due to the fact that world wide there are no great leaders.

We started to think about it and decided that he is right. After listing the leaders of various countries from Sarkozy to whom? We couldn't even come up with that many names and finally decided only Angela Merkel of Germany comes any place close to fitting that description.

Do we have anyone who fits that description who is even mildly interested in running for President? Don't leave out the Democrats, this is just an exercise in an attempt to find out where all the qualified leaders have gone. Can't think of any there either.

As for the military, Petraeus is thought to be a good General and we have heard of others also, but it just doesn't seem that one stands out above the others. Then look at the business world. Do we even know who heads some of the largest companies in our own country let alone someone internationally?

We do know a few who are good investors and have become wealthy in the process. Soros, Trump, Immelt, Ackerson, Buffet, Gates, Jobs and maybe a few more, but not one of them exhibits what might be called governmental leadership ability.

Houston, we have a problem. It's a worrisome thing when it's important to take a coin to flip when it's time to cast a vote. Maybe Perry has it right: turn over our problems to God.

God bless...

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