Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Even the AP is describing a campaign tour with headlines such as "Obama criticizes the GOP." We all need to not only call our own Congressmen and Senators, we should be sending the message to our friends and relatives across the country suggesting they do the same.

$2 million worth of buses, ie., a million apiece should not be billed to the taxpayers.

So now after talking about JOBS being his highest priority through the first 2 1/2 years of his presidency, he may be forced into doing something. But guess what? First he has to spend the money to generate a new bureaucracy to deal with it. More and more money being spent. Is spending other people's money a disease? If there isn't a name or label for it yet, there should be.

And now there are shortages of drugs that we talked about. So many generics the pharmaceutical companies don't have enough profits to do their usual amount of R & D, of all things, there are drugs that the FDA has approved for both human and animal use so the demand is up, because of limited supplies the purchasing departments are not giving themselves enough lead time and hospitals are running short of drug supplies, etc. Good grief!

Wonder what is coming next.

God bless...

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