Monday, August 15, 2011

Generic Drugs

If you will think back to the first time Debbie Stabenow ran for the Senate you will remember that she, along with any other Democrat candidate in a border state, really picked up votes by chartering buses to take senior citizens to Canada to buy cheap prescription drugs.

As the campaign went along the Democrats were touting the purchase of drugs from abroad plus being able to get generic drugs in quantity through government purchases. AT the time there was little proof/investigation but now we have evidence in abundance that drugs formulated in India and China in particular are far from safe.

I'll do my best to collect information for us to use in the campaign, but ask that if you run across anything that you submit it as well. Some of these copycats are extremely dangerous either through contamination or lack of potency.

The primary will take care of itself, it is time to start working on campaign issues.

God bless...

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