Sunday, August 7, 2011


A tragedy such as the loss of 30 servicemen should be mourned, not investigated.

What is it about the air in Washington that makes the first reaction to just about any problem turn into a blame game?

Did you hear that there are some who are critical of the fact that there were so many troops on the helicopter which went down with 30 aboard and no survivors? It brings back the fact that we should not be waging the war from the White House or Halls of Congress; we should let the military make the decisions they are trained to do. They should be allowed to do their jobs without interference from amateurs whose only goal is to get their names and faces in the news.

It just seems that every time we turn around there is something else amiss in our nation's capitol. I'm as partisan as most and more than many, but "we have a problem, Houston." There is a mindset which will soon start pitting neighbor against neighbor. It appears to have already started with the class warfare thing, and if we're not careful it's going to be 1984.

Be wary.

God bless...

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