Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Questions aboaut Michelle Bachman

I could probably spend a few hours researching these questions, but perhaps someone who supports her would like to answer them.

Does Ms. Bachman run as a Republican from her district? And in what part of Minnesota is her home?

Was she a part of the Tea Party Express or one of the factions that presumably make up what for lack of a better term would be the "National Tea Party?"

Was she ever opposed in a primary? If so, in what party primary?

Does she use her adult children as surrogate speakers?

Does she still have an interest in her business?

Is she the kind of person who can take constructive criticism and use suggestions? I ask this because up until yesterday I had only seen her on television with the usual sound bites and prepared remarks on the campaign trail. Yesterday I heard her reading a speech over the radio and she either needs to stop using that method of communication or get some speech advice.

As I have said earlier she is a part of my dream ticket, but I admit to not having done any homework and may have to re-visit that decision.

Thanks to anyone with information and

God bless.....

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