Monday, August 22, 2011

More Fun Than A Picnic

I may be sorry about 1% of what I just accomplished, but I found the secret to making my computer much faster and it had nothing to do with viruses or any other sophisticated remedies that cost money to fix.

Everyone else in the whole world must know this already, but it took a friend to tell me that I had way too much information that was using space and slowing things down. I always thought that once you deleted something it was gone, forever. Not so.

I hadn't thought about the Recycle Bin for a long time, it usually had little in it. However, I accidentally clicked on it and lo and behold! There was so much junk on there I checked it all out and deleted it. Then I went to the place, also accidentally, where it had stuff like cookies, all the websites I'd ever visited, etc., etc. So I got rid of that also. Yes, I will have to replace the ones I really use, but that's not a big problem. Probably not more than 12 to 20 that I use more than once a week or so.

Just in case I have someone who is as slow on the uptake as I have been, this is a good tip and the rest of you can laugh and laugh at the old dog learning new tricks. How very cool.

Anyway, that's what took up my time last night so I'll post sometime today.

God bless...

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