Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Is the Whole World Anti Social?

It seems that Indiana has passed a law which gives schools a pass if they no longer want to teach cursive handwriting. Maybe kids would some day have to learn how to sign their names so they can be identified legally, but that would be about it. Am I the only person in the world that thinks that things are going just a bit too far in having the government interfere with schools being controlled by local school boards?

Society as a whole is already going toward a time when everyone will soon be able, if they so desire, to take a computer and hole up in a cave and have their meals delivered. I always thought it took a very special type of personality to be a computer programmer given that interruptions really could mess up their efforts and now it looks like anyone can do it.

I can remember wanting my kids to look at me when I was talking to them and I certainly gave them my rapt attention when they were talking to me. I cared and still do care about what they are saying and the facial expressions in many cases are as important as the words. It's called c-0-m-m-u-i-c-a-t-i-o-n, folks.

Look around the next time you go to a restaurant. A friend pointed out to me that she and her family went out to dinner and nearby there was a family of 5. Two of them were staring at different television sets (two different programs) while the other three were texting. There was no conversation. Now, please tell me why they even bothered to leave home together.

Kids of today aren't too great about writing thank you notes for birthday gifts and I'm afraid my generation is partially responsible. In fact, whenever the grandparents sent checks or special gifts to my kids, it seemed appropriate that we spend the money and time to give them a call and thank them in person or as close as we could get to it being a few hundred miles away. Calls were a great treat for all.

But the next generation will undoubtedly either email or text and if Grandma isn't proficient in either one, oh, well...

On those rare occasions when families get together, given that many of us don't live in the same states, I really value conversations with not only my grandchildren, but my children and their spouses as well. As far as I know evolution isn't moving fast enough yet to change the art of conversation in one generation.

I realize that I've lived through give or take four generations, but right now we are where we are and we've grown together so it shouldn't be too tough to be able to talk to each other without the aid of an i-pad. So call me crotchety, but please don't be in such a hurry to advance that you forget where you came from and don't leave those you love out of your lives if they require a little patience.

God bless...

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