Monday, August 29, 2011

Immigration - Simple Solution

The Cit Pat limits issues letters to 300 words so much of what one would like to say simply "doesn't fit." The following will soon appear in the Jax Cit Pat.

"First, ignore all Southwest and border states clergy. Americans respect human dignity, feeding and sheltering the poor. It's our heritage. They who had the power and influence, however, chose to encourage rather than instigate mission programs early on before the rest of the country knew the depth of the problem. Their hands are not clean. They could have mitigated much of the damage done in the last 20 years.
Then, face facts. Logistically it is impossible to "send them all back."

Third, have them all registered within 6 months, use the Post Office which is cutting staff. How? Not registering will mean automatic deportation when they are identified. Registration leads to citizenship and probationary status. In justice to those who have entered the country legally, there must be some restitution for their crime of being illegal--not "undocumented." Illegal and undocumented are not synonyms.

Next, they pay a nominal fee, back taxes or any other monetary restitution. The probationary period is for learning the language, studying American history and passing the citizenship test to prove that they want to be Americans. No dual citizenship. If gainfully employed, the employer who benefited needs to be fined.

How to enforce? Friends and family can be monetarily rewarded for reporting others. $500 to $1000: enough to make it practical. Not a bounty. No warrants issued, no chasing down, just a businesslike decision for those who truly wish to become citizens and those wanting an end to this mess.

The probationary period should be long enough to make reporting every 6 months or yearly enough to remind them and others that they chose to enter the country by breaking a law, a serious infraction in a nation of laws. Five to ten years sounds reasonable.

Some, like little kids, will need case by case attention by Congress."

Like putting the tax code in a notebook and putting tax forms on a post care, this should be a pretty short, up front way of getting the job done. If adopted, ICE, ATF and other law enforcement agencies can concentrate on the crooks.

We really need to get this taken care of and if the hard nosed folks still want to finish the fences, this can be done simultaneously since it will be cost efficient. Do you think we could interest Tim Walberg?

God bless...

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