Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday evening - Attorney General Wrap-up

Question #9 - Do you have a pet peeve about state government in general or the Attorney General's office in particular which we have not covered?

Bill Schuette: I believe that our next AG needs to be a tough fighter for job providers, businesses that issue paychecks. Michigan needs more paychecks. Economic development need to be an additional tool in the Attorney General's toolbox. For example, I support Attorney General Mike Cox's efforts to support clean coal technology which would mean power plants would be built in Michigan, providing thousands of new jobs for workers in Michigan. I am sick and tired of people leaving our state and having to seek employment opportunities elsewhere.

Bruce Patterson: In general, state government is cursed with a lack of "Risk-Reward" structure. The concept of being BOLD, heaven forbid Visionary, is nearly non-existent. Thus, proposed Solutions are too narrow and generally driven by politics Rather than policy. Moreover, actions are implemented too late to do any real, meaningful good for We the People."

Mike Bishop: I have experience in several businesses and have held numerous administrative positions in the private sector. My biggest pet peeve with government is that it functions at a snail's pace, and many times, without common sense and reason. The "politics" of government can be very frustrating. I have a genuine problem with those who put "politics" over people or over doing what's right.

Question #10 - If you could be King for a Day what would you do- on a professional level and on a personal level.

Bill Schuette: On a professional level, my desire is to have secure and safe streets, neighborhoods and schools for Michigan families. Lawbreakers need to serve their time in jail. We must operate our prisons more efficiently instead of releasing criminals from jail.

On a personal level, I would hope to foster reconciliation and understanding between and among groups and people who may have differing attitudes, perspectives and philosophies on key issues of the day. While agreement on every contentious issue may be difficult, if not impossible, civil discussion and understanding of differing views would help build a stronger Michigan.

Mike Bishop: In the immediate future, I would pass the Senate Republican plan for the Fiscal Year 2010 Budget and right-size our state government, balancing our budget with cuts alone and no tax increases.

On a personal level: Spend an uninterrupted day with my wife and children.

Bruce Patterson: Abdicate!! As a Conservative/Republican, someone who truly believes in a limited, republican form of government, I have no desire or willingness to serve as King, even for a single day.

And there we have it! And now I am looking at the Attorney General's race in a totally different light. Why you ask? Because even though I've always been fascinated with the law and the expertise and the need to investigate from all angles and the necessity of thinking logically and methodically and actually have always thought I look at problems in that way, I see that I'm WRONG!

Because the one thing that is absolutely necessary to me in myself and generally in my friends and associates is a sense of humor. And I always expect just a little hint of humor in my King/Queen for a Day question. But these guys are serious!
Really, really serious. And now that I think about it, that's undoubtedly a good thing in this job. But let me tell you, fellas, you need to giggle now and then.

I always consider that a day I can make God laugh, has been a success.
God bless..........

ps-I'll be away tomorrow-see you Tuesday evening.

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