Saturday, July 18, 2009

Obama Fatigue, Granholm Irrelevancy, Schauer Samd old, Same old---

It has finally happened. We need a fishbowl with all the issues being tackled by the White House at the same time with so many Lieutenants and Czars and Assistants and Deputies and Secretaries and media apologists that we can't tell one from the other without a program. I'm going to take tomorrow off and try to sift through the subject matter and try to come up with an organizational type chart or make a check off list so we can "see at a glance."

As for Granholm it appears that she is the poster child for the kind of lame duck that Sarah Palin was referring to. It's almost as though there is a vacuum in Lansing and no one knows who is filling it on any given day. But everyone is trying to take a turn.

And Schauer is playing the game that he was so good at in Lansing and Griffin and Simpson learned at his knee. On any given vote the leadership can count how many they need and any time they have enough, if a certain district rep can be helped by voting against the Dem leadership, they are allowed to vote like a renegade to impress the folks back home and represent them now and then. His vote for the GM and Chrysler dealership deal has to be one of those.

I'll see you Monday, hopefully with a chart that will hit at least enough topics to put some rhyme and reason into the Washington melting pot.

God bless..........

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