Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Beginning of the End for the Supreme Court-

During my lifetime I have seen many changes in the High Court. And I had serious disagreement with a few of the appointees, but the cause was that of differences in opinion or philosophy. This time is different. This time I have serious reservations as to Sotomayor's stance on issues because I frankly don't know what her opinion is on some topics, but worst of all, she sits in front of the world and tries to say she didn't mean what she said. That is a break in integrity and it bothers me more than any difference of opinion ever could.

She knows that she will be confirmed. The fix is in. Not to worry, Sonia. You have a job for life. Whatever could make you turn away from your firmly held beliefs and opinions? That is unbecoming when one is "interviewing" for a job that requires total honesty from the men and women on the bench in whose hands are held the laws on which this country is predicated. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Never in my wildest imagination did I think that the weakest link would be the judiciary. Our prayers are with the Court.

On to healthcare, the topic of the day. Obama must be getting a little concerned. He has started yelling and making confrontational remarks. The next thing he'll probably do is challenge someone to a duel. And I'm sure Mark Schauer is right there urging him on--maybe he wants to be his second. Maybe Mark should give this a second thought. His PACs and special interest groups don't have as many individual votes as Joe Sixpack and his family--he is representing a minority of his constituency on cap and tax and healthcare. How long does he think we're going to ignore his true colors?

And by the way, remember a few weeks ago I wrote him asking for the Congress to try out the healthcare system for a couple of years before it is foisted on us? Haven't as yet heard from him, but there is one Congressman who is taking signatures from those who are willing to switch to the public option. I need to find out who it is and send him Mark's name as a prospect. Will let you know.

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God bless...............

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