Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Do You Have Additions or Fine Tuning of Questions for Atty General?

Rough Draft

The questions will be prefaced with: Please assume that most people have only a foggy notion of the duties of the Attorney General.

1-Is it possible to briefly describe the duties of the Attorney General? Please try.

2-What would be your top priority as Michigan's Attorney General?

3-Would you be more concerned with consumer protection or the prosecution of fraud and corruption in the public sector?

4-Is it mandatory or common practice for legislation to be screened by the office of Atty Gen for possible legal problems? If not, why not or in your opinion, should it be?

5-Please describe any changes you have in mind for staffing and budget emphasis.

6-How do politics influence the choices of the Attorney General in making staffing decisions?

7-If the Governor and Atty Gen are from differing political parties, should provision be made for personal counsel for the Governor?

8-What particular experience would you be bringing to the office?

9- This question to be determined by comments or suggestions from readers

10-If you could be King for a Day what would you do--
a-on a professional level
b-on a personal level

Please let me know what question(s) you think I may have missed and thanks.

God bless.........

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