Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Al Gore: The most Incredible or to coin a new word, Uncredable Man!

I just made that up because I can't think of a word that really describes how unbelievable that man really is!

For him to compare Global Warming with Nazism logically leads comparing God to Hitler and that's just going too far, even for Al, the inconvenient fearmonger.

Man may be responsible for a certain amount of global warming or climate change as some folks now call it, but given the overall results of human behavior, I can remember digging up an old statistic which was written by one of Al Gore's buds for a letter to the editor some time ago which admitted that if we completely stopped using all fossil fuels of any kind, coal and oil, it would have a net effect of less than 5% of the total problem.

Given that we have had alternating hot and cold weather patterns over millions of years with no fossil fuels being used during much of the time it would appear that these are natural phenomena and man has little influence on them. It is nature, God, if you will, controlling the climate changes and varying lengths of time involved.

One can only presume that Al's stake in this is the total of all his investments in selling this crap, for lack of a better word, to the public. It's the old "follow the money" picture come to life again. We can only hope that cooler heads prevail before a huge segment of the population goes from broke to bankruptcy in a effort to go green in this country while China and India with close to half the world's population sit on the sidelines and watch and grow economically.

Time to rest-

God bless.........

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