Thursday, July 9, 2009

T. Boone Pickens vs. Al Gore?

Do you remember when we talked about old T. Boone's website and how he hornswoggled all those people into writing letters to the editor to convince the public that wind power is where it's at? And because of his stature in the energy field, you have to wonder how many of his followers may have lost some of their remaining nest egg following his lead and investing in wind turbines and wind farms------

So today he's all over the news telling anyone who will listen that there is this glut of natural gas and we should all be buying the only car that's on the market now, and by the way, you need to live in California or New York to be able to buy the fuel for it.

And according to the WSJ he is trying to peddle 687 wind turbines he ordered just over a year ago to other countries or other investors. His project in Pampa, Texas is pretty much belly up at this point. Also, the transmission of the energy from the wind farms to the market plus the difficulty in finding financing are presenting problems for his projects. Would you believe that Congress is working on the problem? Really? More government assistance?

A quote: "The Senate is working on legislation that would give the federal government greater authority to authorize new transmission lines, which could help overcome some delays caused by state-level planning." But I'm sure if we asked him the President would say that he really doesn't want to control the energy/power industry, right? Is there nothing he doesn't want to control?

Item-Mark Schauer was complimented for his Cap 'n Trade/Tax vote by a lobbying group so now he has paid them back, at least in part, for their support. Also, a friend shared a letter from Schauer responding to her comments on that issue. Wonder what it takes to get a timely response? I'm still waiting for my questions on the Chrysler deal and a healthcare suggestion.

Item-The ninth question for the Attorney General Candidates will be: Do you have a pet peeve about state government or the Attorney General's office which we didn't ask about that you would like to address?

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