Saturday, July 11, 2009

Millions of Jobs? THAT DOES NOT COMPUTE!

We're talking wind turbine farms tonight. Mark Schauer said his vote for the cap and tax bill would result in 53,000 jobs, but didn't say exactly where. Well, I just accessed the websites of the organizations who are tooting their horns for and

I'll let you in on a little secret. They had forms for sending messages to your legislators, so I filled them out and told Levin and Stabenow that no "comprehensive" plan is complete without nuclear power--that has to be a surprise coming on the letterhead of that outfit. Also sent one, of course after the fact, to Schauer indicating that he should consider the unemployed and retirees on fixed incomes if he has another bite of the apple.

The AUFC site had a video which touted Millions of jobs to be gained by going for wind power. Whoa! I'm not an expert, but common sense goes a long way. There are finite numbers of locations where it is feasible and possible to install turbine farms. Once those locations are all up and running, which I realize might take some years, but after that the only manufactured parts will be maintenance and replacement parts from things like lightning strikes, etc.

Note: the Valero farm in Texas, which is in installation mode now, will need a total of four (4) people to run the site. So please don't tell me that millions of job are in the offing!

If anyone tosses out that number, puh-leeze ask them to break it down. How many areas such as Beaver Ridge are there in the U.S., how many turbines will it take to cover the areas, how many manufacturing facilities will be needed to make X number of parts in a specified amount of time, what is the plan for being sure that most of those facilities will not be obsolete within a short time after filling the initial need, and who has control--private enterprise or the government? I'm sure business men and women out there can come up with all of the other questions that need to be asked before any ivestment is made in a new industry.

I wonder if Mark Schauer every thought to ask these kinds of questions.........
Yeah, right--

I can't handle any more of this, sleep well-
God bless...........

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Bruce said...

Boone Pickens was trying to develop wind farms for electric production. He gave up on Thursday or Friday. . And Mark Schauer is getting into the windmills now! GREAT! Pickens saw he wasn't going to be able to make money with windmills but Mark Schauer is about to throw some more of our grand kids money at them? What a guy!
Have a GREAT evening.