Monday, July 20, 2009

Tying up some Loose Ends

The lists will have to wait--

Just have to get some things off my chest before we start the Attorney General interviews tomorrow.

#1 - The topic for conversation on this morning's call in radio show on WKHM had to do with carrying weapons openly and weren't we apprehensive if not down right scared to see this. I couldn't help myself. I phoned in and said that I was much more frightened of my Congressman and the vote he will cast on the Healthcare bill than I could ever be of a guy legally carrying a gun in the open.

Why? You might ask? Even if the guy went berserk he could only kill or maim a few people, but the numbers of abortions allowed in the healthcare bill will number in the hundreds of thousands and your tax money and my tax money will be paying for them. This is unconscionable!

#2-Saw an ad on television today supporting the healthcare bill paid for by the pharmaceutical researchers lobby. You've got to be kidding? There will be no more research as we know it because the cost cutting measures will make darn sure their research will not be funded. And the medical leadership and one of the reasons our costs are a higher is that we get first crack at the newest and best drug treatments.

#3-We're being told that doctors approve of the healthcare bill. Really? They can not possibly have thought the consequences through to their logical conclusions. If they had, they would realize that just as the poor military guy whose doctor "made a mistake" and the guy lost his legs because of it, he has no recourse. That doctor is part of the government and can't be sued. So what do you think Obama is going to do with his promise to the tort lawyers? Not only will the doctors be working for peanuts and as semi-government employees, you can bet there will be a loophole so they can still be sued.

#4-The Secretary of Commerce is offering to pay the Chinese carbon footprint costs out of our treasury because we are the ones buying their products so we should be responsible? Give me a break!!!

#5-Hillary and Obama are still apologizing for America's over use of the world's resources. Something is wrong with that picture. Our footprint is larger, in part, because we developed pesticides, insecticides and pharmaceuticals that have allowed the citizens of underdeveloped nations to lead longer more comfortable lives. And the amounts of foreign aid both from the government and private institutions and people reach astronomical heights. We need not apologize for helping freedom spread as well.

#6-And last, my math must be off, but is it possible that the population of the world has more than doubled in 40 years? I heard it said that 500 million people or 1/6 of the world's population watched the first moon walk in 1969. I'm sure all of us were counted in that number. But given that there are now over 600 billion people in the world, doesn't that mean that 1/6 of today's population is 100 billion?

Tomorrow we will work on the Q & A from the Attorney General candidates.
God bless...........

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