Thursday, July 2, 2009

Healthcare on Trial? What About Cap and Tax?

It seems that I just want to stand up and scream at the liberals telling them that it is against the law to commit perjury which is the American Way with dealing with liars and the "cover up" which is always worse than the actual crime. The only thing is--they haven't taken an oath so they think they can lie with impunity. They have been getting away with it for so long they just don't get it. Or else they, like Clinton, actually believe what they are saying, they've said it so often.

I always get pathological and sociological mixed up, but you know what I mean.

Spent some time the other day looking up some statistics on longevity around the world and there are a few places where folks live a little longer than Americans, but it makes one wonder if they are miserable and in pain or are truly enjoying the extra time. From what we hear if it takes a year to get a knee replacement that's a long time to be painfully immobile. I doubt anyone truly believes that's a benefit.

Do you remember the Aesop Fable about the crawdads in the barrel trying to get out and just when it looks like they are getting smart by standing on one another they start pulling each other down? That's what I'm thinking nationalized healthcare is really like: instead of reaching up to new discoveries we are slowly being brainwashed into thinking we should take the wealthy down with us and we can all be miserable -- sorta like aiming for the lowest common denominator. No one is going to toil in a lab for a discovery to cure disease if there is no reward waiting.

Ran some errands today and stopped at the feed store for dog food. One of the guys who works there was cracking wise as usual and I commented that he was in a particularly jovial mood today. His response: "No, I'm just trying to get myself out of a bad mood. I must be watching and listening to too much news. How can anyone spend so much money so fast and not worry about what is happening and will continue to happen to future generations?" We've never talked politics before so it surprised me. Then it gave me hope. Maybe the ordinary people are getting as fed up as we are.

The other thing was that a radio show asked the question about taking California prisoners for fees which would help keep our guards employed. My thought was that we don't need any Mexican gangs, skinheads and such infiltrating our prisons and fostering the "home grown terrorist" syndrome. Imagine my surprise when a local Commissioner addressed the problem and said we already have gangs in prison so we should go for the money. I'm thinking that's terribly short-sighted. I doubt that gangs are all the same and we don't need any new ideas and methods from them.

So the feed store guy gives me hope and the commissioner brings me down to earth again. Oh, well, what else is new? Now, I'm going to have to shake off a bad mood.
No, I'm not! Just went out to bring in the flag and the fireflies or lightning bugs, whichever you call them, are out having a ball! And I love to see them!

See ya tomorrow--
God bless............

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