Friday, July 24, 2009

AG Questions 5 & 6

#5 - Please describe any changes you have in mind for staffing and budget emphasis.

Bill Schuette: We need to realign Michigan government to do more with fewer people and to eliminate the Michigan Business Tax (MBT) and reduce government spending. As Michigan's next Attorney General, I will review closely how to continue efforts within the Attorney General's office to streamline its operations and enhance the efficiency of the organization.

Bruce Patterson: My staff will be comprised of professionals. Persons serving in the department will be dedicated to lean, effective government operation all the while aggressively seeking to protect and defend citizen's constitutional rights.

Mike Bishop: In this contracting economy, state resources must be marshaled with great care. As the Leader of the Michigan Senate, I have asked every department to do more with less. The Attorney General's office is no different. Immediately upon assuming office, I will assess the budget of the office to reassess priorities and ensure the office is properly and efficiently administering essential services. Staffing and resources will be focused in areas consistent with primary responsibilities of the office - protecting the citizens of our state and our constitution.

#6 - How do politics influence the choices of the Attorney General in making staffing decisions?

Bill Schuette: Politics should have no role in determining personnel decisions within the Attorney General's office. Performance, quality, individual initiative and a strong work ethic will be the keystones of personnel decisions when I am Michigan's next Attorney General.

Bruce Patterson: Attorney General Bruce Patterson won't allow it.

Mike Bishop: I am a firm believer in finding the best person for the job. As the Republican Attorney General, I will focus on finding the most competent people who share my beliefs in the role of the office and who respect the law and the constitution.

Paranoia is setting in again--
If we had the details of the costs of ObamaCare would we find that the reason he says those costs will not add to the deficit be due to 1) hundreds of thousands of babies aborted rather than needing a lifetime of medical attention, 2) the fact that there is a compulsory counseling session for every senior citizen once every five years stressing the benefits of palliative and hospice care with the underlying message being we have a duty to die, and 3) [I know this is far out] but maybe next winter's epidemic of swine flu will knock off a whole bunch more.

We should be asking our Democrat congressmen if they really plan to vote for a bill which will force all of us to pay for abortion on demand at the early stage of life and use rationing and "counseling" for senior citizens at the later stages of life. I'll let you know what Mr. Schauer says.

We need all the prayers we can get-
God bless........

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