Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Eureka! A New Way for a Pay Off

The other day we spoke about an ad from "Getworking" which was 12" x 4 columns "thanking" Mark Schauer for his great vote which will amount to 53,000 jobs in Michigan. No timetable, no area breakdown, no details of any kind. Guess what.
There was an identical ad the next day. But the latest, I was going to say they saved the best for last but there may be more to come, was a two-color full page ad with another thank you for jump-starting Michigan's economy.

I ran out of time today so I didn't go to the websites to double check to see if the signatories had donated to the Schauer campaign and I'm not sure there will be a trail anyway. These folks are getting pretty shifty and instead of making contributions in their own names they donate to a PAC or another organization and the dollars are shifted that way. It's the way the Stryker machine spends millions in the state and more than allowable amounts are funneled to the liberal Democrats who need it especially in targeted races.

During the last election cycle it was obvious that Stryker gave, I think it was $80,000 to Mark Schauer's PAC which then sent on hefty donations to several House candidates and this happened all over the state so the crossed lines looked like those maps you see of airline routes across the country that intersect all over the place.

Now these thank you ads are a new wrinkle. The folks who are thanking Schauer for his vote (which he said he was not sure which way he was going until the last minute) ARE WORKING TOGETHER to pay for the full page ad. Included are America's Building Trades Unions, League of Conservation Voters, Michigan League of Conservation Voters, VoteVets.org, Clean Economy Network and the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund. Now what's the word for that? Oh, yeah-collusion.

It would be interesting to see how many of the other Democrats in Michigan had similar support and thanks. In fact, it would be interesting to see how far across the country this actually traveled. Some of you really savvy cyberspace guys or gals may be able to find out and share a little detective work with us. How about it?

Have a great day! No traffic tie-ups on Wednesday.

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