Friday, July 17, 2009

53,000 Jobs in Michigan? Right! I've Got It! PLUS--HAPPY FRIDAY!

Go with Happy Friday first. I'm apparently always going to be a day late on this, but there's no way you can stop smiling if you access and watch those really cute babies on roller skates rappin'.

On a semi-serious side. I figured out how the Dems are going to put 53,000 people to work. It's only a one day job, but they're really good at parsing words and being technically correct. Here's how they are going to do it:

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, right? Well, when cap and tax kicks in and my energy bill goes sky high this winter I will call a handy man from the Day Labor Pool to come over and help move a couple of chairs and the computer plus a few other odd things from the lower level up to our bedroom where we will live for the coldest months of this winter. Hot air rises and we won't have to set the thermostats so high. It is really difficult to heat the lowest level of a tri-level so we'll just let Mother Nature in the guise of physics help out.

Then next spring we will call another helper to take things back downstairs. And there you have it! If 53,000 people move upstairs we can employ a worker about 53,000 half days in the fall plus 53,000 half days in the spring and voila! 53,000 jobs. Is that working for you, Mr. Schauer?

And being totally serious, I may be old school but anytime an announcement as large as a Presidential Address to the Nation is sent to businesses (television stations and news rooms) via Twitter my first instinct is to treat it as though it were an anonymous letter or phone call and pay absolutely no attention to it.

Have a good weekend!
God bless.............

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