Saturday, April 4, 2009

What is Freedom?

That question was posed last week at a gathering I attended. The usual answers were forthcoming, but I did a lot of thinking about it later and I came up with my own opinion:

The definitions of freedom probably can't be counted. Included would be all the people who ever have lived, are living or will ever draw a breath. Plus, for all of the "knowledge" of the meaning of freedom for each individual there are not enough words in dictionaries to describe how people might express their ideas about freedom due to status in life, their backgrounds, their intellect, etc. Each person's definition will have an infinitesimal difference between his and his neighbor's, his siblings, his friends, enemies, and on and on. No one has an identical life.

But deep down there is one common definition which cannot be denied. We all have the freedom to think. We can be politically correct, but that doesn't mean that we believe an expression in that vein is true for us. The slaves of Pharoah to the slaves in southern plantations may not have the freedom to "do," but no one could take away their freedom to worship, to plan an uprising, to pretend illness, or any other expression of their thoughts. Prisoners can think and determine their fates by deciding they would rather die than "do" what they have been ordered to.

After spending some time on this I came to the conclusion that over and above the therapy of a blog comes some practical action items for me. And maybe for you and that's why I'm sharing this of a Palm Sunday weekend. Bear with me.

You've probably heard the old Southern expression "Why, bless his heart! He cain't he'p it. He just doesn't know any better." I've decided my blood pressure will improve if I use that attitude when I see a stupid maneuver in traffic or when I read or hear comments by elite liberal Democrats on any and every topic under the sun. It won't stop me from trying to change a situation or point out the fallacy of their arguments to those who may still be open to reason or working for a system which I believe is best for our country. Hopefully, a more positive attitude on my part will make for a more persuasive argument. Like chicken soup, can't hurt, might help, right?

God bless........

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