Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So Whaddya Want From Me?

Added in the morning: I'm so computer illiterate I don't know how to congratulate RightMichigan on site, so I'll do it here. And may you have many more, Nick.

Obama bows to a Saudi, Michelle and Barak diss the Queen, pause to legitimize Cuba and Castro, they use a pit stop in Baghdad to make some points with the troops as he and Gates decimate support for the military. (And no, I don't know if it's actually 10% but you know what I mean.) Plus pirates taking U. S. sailors hostage, North Korea launching a missile, where the heck is it going to stop? And who is going to stop it?

The people in this country are planning to protest not just the taxation issue next Wednesday, April 15th, they're looking at the symbolism of being fed up with just about everything going on in Washington and anywhere the Obama/Democrat influence is being spread. Appointing crooks of all stripes to high ranking posts in the government, mortgaging the futures of every man, woman, child and grandchild in the country, taking freedoms from citizens anytime and anywhere they can, and if all of the other Democrat Congressmen like Schauer are lying about no earmarks in the last budget and then pointing with pride to the earmarks he is personally responsible in the present one we're in worse trouble than ever, taking over banks, insurance companies, working on health care and industries and giving some away to foreign companies, where will it stop?

We talked yesterday about the Human Rights Council--isn't that an oxymoron? I just realized that we have covered most of the topics that are front and center very recently and the few long time readers of this post know when these problems may have been solved while they were small, but it appeared no one really cared. Now the possibility of incremental gas taxes being levied to coincide with the CAFE standards being moved up from 2020 to 2011 and the cap and trade misnomer for the carbon footprint tax becoming reality ought to be enough to scare the bravest among us.

And what will happen if someone with as many nukes as we have after we get rid of most of ours decides it's time to take us on and simply turns off our power supplies and we implode and then sit around wondering what happened?

The only good news of the day was the guy from MIT talking about the energy/battery future of molecules being sliced, diced and glued with viruses mixed into the formula which he likened to the Second Industrial Revolution. Point: Do we have enough time for that to happen before all those other bad things take us out?

As always, God's blessings which we need desperately........

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