Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Obama says we are not the policemen of the world--since no one else will step in to "apprehend and punish the pirates" where, exactly, does that leave us?

Korea kicks out anyone who might disagree with their nuclear preparations. Obama cannot find a word that comes even close to "provocation" (too harsh?) to describe their actions. Where does that leave us?

Spain is planning to try American citizens in their court system and Obama indicates that we should emulate the Spaniards in their attitudes toward a green society. I'm sure he knows that only 10% of jobs resulting from green efforts become permanent; I'm sure that there's a reason he hasn't told the American public what the average wage is in Spain. So where does this leave us?

He selects a progressive, Duncan from Illinois, to run his Education post who promptly puts a halt to the voucher system for kids in the DC school system. Where does that leave them?

The American public has done a pretty good job of using less fossil fuel so the prices will stay at a reasonable level. So, the Dems believe now is the time to raise the gas tax. Proponents of that tax? Dingell, both Levins, Conyers--Michiganians all. Where will that leave us?

President Jenkins of Notre Dame says it's only Catholic guests who need to agree with church dogma. Is he serious? In the meantime the kind of opportunity for indoctrination by those who are diametrically opposed to church teaching such as Obama can preach without any debate? Where does that kind of thinking lead us?

Happy Tax/Tea Party day tomorrow! Stay safe..........

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