Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Frankly, I avoided the repetitive mantra of the 1st 100 days as much as possible. I listened to the Catholic Channel on XM radio instead of the news and a taped show instead of the press conference this evening.

Two observations: The Catholic channel asked folks to call in and tell them what they thought the President had accomplished on the "good" or "positive" side of the ledger. For 11 minutes there were no calls and when one finally did call, the opinion was actually a question which had to do with truth being positive even though the actual fact was bad, so you can see that even if over 50% of Catholics voted for Obama, it's entirely possible that given the opportunity, it probably wouldn't happen again. His true colors are showing brightly at this point. The naive are no longer.

The other point was my own observation while fast forwarding through a commercial when someone asked the softball question of the President having to do with something like "what has humbled you the most during the 100 days?" Give me a break. He knows the meaning of the word, but he has certainly never experienced it.

The first petition containing 300,000 signatures gathered by the Cardinal Newman Society has been delivered to Fr. Jenkins and Notre Dame--the tip of the iceberg as usually defined. Can't wait to see who will be offered and the rationale used to bestow the Laetare Medal and whether or not accepted.

Sleep well--God bless.......

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