Tuesday, April 28, 2009


They doth protest too much! Always accusing others of racism--well, we saw it up close and personal yesterday.

I don't know her name, but there is a woman who is an extreme liberal who has a small part on the TV show "24" who has been spouting the left message that the rest of us are racist. She let the cat out of the bag--accidentally? who knows.

Background: We know that Obama is about as far left as he can go--telling Joe the plumber that his goals are to redistribute the wealth. Code words, right? And he accepted all those millions of dollars from liberals, ultra liberals, socialists and any other group you want to add. Then, as I recall, within 24 hours of each other both he and Nancy Pelosi made comments to the effect that "they had won, we should get over it and deal with it." Non-partisan, my foot. More talk.

So there you have it. His far left supporters know that he is as true to the cause as he can be, but THEY DON'T TRUST HIM! They have all the evidence they need and they just don't believe it so what might the reason be? They think he can't handle the job and the only obvious explanation is his race. They just don't think a black man can handle the job.

In a more philosophical mood I might spend some time trying to figure out how and why there are so many differing opinions among us. Nature or nurture? Genetics of environment? Sure wouldn't want to spend any money on such a study, but would be curious to know if: more short/tall people are liberal/conservative. Anorexic or obese. European descent or Asian. Athletic or intellectual. Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu...... The possibilities are limitless, but time is not, so let's put this away for awhile.

Take care of yourselves. Be prudent and God bless........

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