Thursday, April 2, 2009

Schauer Shades the Truth

On March 11 Mark Schauer sent out a propaganda piece which, after an intro, started out by saying "63 days on the job....

followed by: 109,000 Michigan jobs saved or created by passing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

7900 7th district jobs saved or created under the Recovery Act

references to public safety funding, public housing, kids having access to SCHIP (which I believe was always there and never completely used up) plus his Town Hall type meetings attended by over 1000 constituents

etc., etc., etc.

Remember the video of one of his Town Hall meetings where the constituents laughed and laughed and laughed when he lied about the earmarks? He really isn't proud of that, is he?

Now he didn't say this had all happened in 63 days, but he sure did let the implication stand straight and tall. However, each weekly reporting period since has shown nothing but increased unemployment figures throughout Michigan and the 7th District.

The actual truth is that not only have we not saved or created jobs during the 63 days he has been in Washington but Michigan LOST over 68,000 jobs. Now it's about 3 weeks later and we still don't see any demonstration which would back up his claims for the Obama administration and his part in the drama.

Heard today that Obama told at least one moderate member of the Democrat caucus "don't think we're not keeping score, brother." So even though I'm not a part of the Chicago machine (although I was born and lived there a couple of years) I also know how to keep score as do thousands in the 7th district, Mark.

God bless.........

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